“Belown” Away…by Bill Belew’s Blogging Workshop

I don’t think you should blog just to have a digital diary or a public posting of your personal and private thoughts.

But a blog with a purpose?  Well, that’s worthwhile – and amazingly might actually be worth Something.  Greenbacks – Ad Revenue.  And since I’ve never taken a vow of poverty, I spent a day learning at the feet of an expert – Bill Belew.  Lots to know – and he teaches just about all of it in his workshop.

A key element for a workshop is to have a teacher who is actually doing what they are teaching – and doing it well.

Check.  Bill does it – and teaches the how, the where, and (shhhhhh) the secrets.

My head is cranking at a thousand miles an hour and my fingers are flying.  I’m  USING  the things I learned.

The result – a lot of dedicated, consistent blogging that should result in revenue.  Fine by me.


For Love or Money?

I love to write.  I like to read it later after I’ve forgotten what I wrote, which happens very quickly for me…  It’s not necessarily good writing, but that’s irrelevant as far as how much I looooovvve it.

And then there’s makin money at it.  Oh yeah, that.  Sometimes that feels like trying to reach out and grab the golden ring on a merry-go-round traveling its’ circle at lightening speed.  How exactly is that possible?

And sometimes it feels like writing for money and writing for the love of writing are just mutually exclusive.  What’s that Sigmund – you say that’s my problem?  Hmmmm.

Well, recently I met a man named Bill Belew who teaches how to do a bit of both.  At his blogging workshop, my cliché experience occurred – The Light Bulb came on.  The epiphany hit me.  By Jove.

I do think that ‘writing for the love of it and reader be dammed’ calls to me.  Still, it’s nice to have taken his workshop, gained all this knowledge and be able to use it when I’m ready.


The Whisper

Most words rattle around in my head – born there, they die there.  It’s a mystery to me why I don’t let them out.  Why I don’t take the time and make the effort to write them somewhere.

Let’s see if this will give them Voice.  Silly, I know it’s up to me.  The time is now though.  I’m not going to think it through in advance.  I’m not going to worry about who will read it.  I’ve locked my editor in a closet deep in my brain.  I’m ignoring the banging to let it out.

I’ve really not thought this through in advance.  I don’t know what I’m going to write about – not this second and not in general.  This post is stream of consciousness.  Future posts might be written on purpose – or not.  We shall see.

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